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Bible Verses As Art is a project of mine, where I use Bible verses on my artwork. Most of the time, I use verses from several public-domain Bibles.

However, I occasionally use NIV verses, which you may download for free and which are not sold because of the copyright.

Please share with friends and family! Thank you. And, if you want, you may go to my Ello website, Scripture As Art, and download photos that make perfect desktop/laptop backgrounds, etc.

They do not make good prints, posters or canvas art because I have optimized them for social sharing.

Note: When ordering posters, prints, canvas art or other artworks with my photos, please make sure that the words and subject fit within the crop lines of the item you are ordering.

Another note: Verses are not arranged by Biblical order; I've ordered them alphabetically and numerically, so that even a person unfamiliar with a Bible can quickly go to a gallery of a Book or Gospel that they may have heard about.

I also do not allow orders of holy Bible verses on everyday-type items, just on posters, canvas art, cards and prints.
1 Chronicles 16:341 Chronicles 29:111 Corinthians 131 Corinthians 13 (24x16)Easter Bible VersesIsaiah 2:4John 8:12Luke 24:6-7Mark 11:22–25Psalm 139-11-13