All photos, including smartphone ("SP" is the designation I use for these photos) photos and commercial photos I provide as free downloads remain copyrighted. If you share smartphone photos, please credit me like this: © Glenn Franco Simmons. Please, also include a hyperlink to the gallery or photo that you sharing.

Commercial photos provided for free or purchased cannot ever be shared on social media or any website, due to the risk of theft.

If the type font appears blurry on some images with quotes/verses, just click the photo.

All photos ~ except smartphone ~ are professionally edited and have clear fonts when printed. SP stands for smartphone, which are unedited photos. You may download and edit them as you like.

I am a longtime Society of Professional Journalists' member. As such, this website also features my photojournalism via smartphone (SP). Also included is my historical and community-event reporting. You are free to download those SP photos, and straighten, lighten and otherwise edit the SP photos; however, they remain copyrighted.

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