All photos noncommercial photos and commercial photos taken by Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons are copyrighted.

Commercial photos provided for free or purchased cannot ever be shared on social media or any website, due to the risk of theft. For example, Twitter now uses a photo's full resolution. Thus, if you post a full-resolution provided for free on Twitter, it can be stolen.

If the type font appears blurry on some images with quotes/verses, just click the photo.

I am a longtime Society of Professional Journalists' member. As such, this website also features my photojournalism. Also included is my historical and community-event reporting. You may download free photos, and straighten, lighten and/or otherwise edit them. Please be aware they still remain copyrighted and cannot be shared on social media unless you reduce the photo to 1920 pixels wide (and whatever automatic height is provided when you edit it) and put a written copyright on the photo as follows: © Glenn Franco Simmons. You may not share free photos without attribution or larger than 1920 pixels wide. If you would like assistance with editing free photos and clarification regarding them, please email me.

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