Befriended Stranger(non-registered)
Dear friends,

I hope you do not mind that I used one of your beautiful images for a blog post invitation to a devotional gathering, Prayer Station:
Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons
Caro Sonia Maria,

Você pode usar qualquer foto que você gostaria de usar. Obrigado por seus comentários amáveis​​.


Glenn Franco Simmons
Cupertino, Califórnia
sonia maria goes shafa(non-registered)
Suas fotos maravilhosas, belisimas, todas excelentes para divulgarmos a F[e Bahái. Sou membro da Comunidade Bah[ai do Brasil e tenho Blogs, onde colco artigos,, noticias, videos, fotos de autores e sites baháísái.Criamos uma p[agina no Google-! onde abrir uma Comunidade - Divulgando Literatura Bah;a'i.Gostaria de saber se posso publicar estas imagens , {e emocionante ver o seu trabalho. Sei que trará resultados positivos na divulga;áo que faço.Adiconei o feed na minha p[agina do Google Reader. Grata, Sonia Maria
Elena Porto-Natenadze(non-registered)
Dear Glenn! So happy to see your photos... Great photos. Thank you so much for inspiration))) You know im a lover of flowers and nature... and of music... and your idea is so close to my heart. Wish you all the best, a lot of happy days in great vision and work. It is really can make hearts happy! with love.
The Flower Photographer
Thank you, Susan Mohabat.

Such kind, inspiring words' deeply profound effect upon my spirit and heart cannot be adequately described in words, except to say, thank you, kindly.


Glenn Franco Simmons
Cupertino, Calif.
Susan Mohabat(non-registered)
This beautiful presentation is awe-inspiring , touches and moves our hearts. It uplifts our spirits and takes us to glorious heights. Truly a masterpiece! Thank you Glenn for sharing this lovely, enchanting Baha'i art work with us.
Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons
Thank you, Elika, Marzieh and Jo-Lynn Endler. It is such kinds words that serve as inspiration. I truly appreciate the time you took to share your kind comments. It is so very, very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Glenn Thomas Franco Simmons
Cupertino, Calif.
Jo-Lynn Endler Gonzales(non-registered)
These stunningly exquisite photographs coupled with the powerful words of our Beloved Faith are a gift to the world. Thank you for offering us such a beautiful presentation for us to enjoy and purchase. I too use the Baha'i Writings for art in different ways. May you continue to share and preserve the elixir that heals the soul and the world.
marzieh akhtari(non-registered)
These pictures are beautiful!! you truly have a talent!! with Love, from Pakistan
Elika Mahony(non-registered)
Glenn - these photos are sublime! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! Congratulations!
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