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Eric Zausner's Aerosport Roadster is a customized 1936 Ford Roadster. It has the original Ford body, although the cockpit ewas moved back 7 inches.

It has an all-aluminum hood and deck lid, with a polished aluminum gull-wing top; polished aluminum pontoon fenders; custom-made windshields, an aircraft cockpit, which I didn't get a photo of; and handmade seats, steering wheel and levers.

Following are the chassis and its components: boxed 1936 Ford chassis, De Dion rear-suspension with a quick-change center section and inboard Buick brakes; custom knock-off wheels; a 1957 Thunderbird Y-block engine; twin Paxton superchargers; custom-made air-intake system; and a 5-speed Tremec transmission.
Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance

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