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Virginia City Firehouse photos by Glenn Franco Simmons.

Virginia City Firehouse

(Please note that these photos are from my smartphone. They are professionally taken, nor are they edited. You may download and edit them if you desire. They may not be used commercially. Any use requires that you attribute the photo with "© Glenn Franco Simmons" and provide a hyperlink to the page you downloaded the photo from.)

The Virginia City building that hosts the Virginia City Firehouse was not always a firehouse.

According to the VisitVirginiaCityNv website, the building has "housed many diverse establishments including a broker’s business, a meat market, a saloon and a brewery."

"It was acquired by Storey County about 1930 and became the Storey County Fire Department until the 1960s when a larger, more modern firehouse was constructed," the website notes. "The building was restored as a firehouse museum in 1979 and contains a collection of fire engines and apparatus used in earlier times."