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"The Calling of St. Matthew (ca. 1629), oil on canvas, by Matthias Stomer. The painting was purchased by the Roscoe and Margaret Oakes Income Fund for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in 1986.

"The Calling of St. Matthew is based on a painting of the same subject by Caravaggio executed 30 years earlier for the Church of S. Luigi dei Francesi in Rome," notes an interpretive display at The California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco's Lincoln Park.

"This, combined with the style and scale of the work, suggests that the Calling was also painted for a church during Stomer's Roman period, ca. 1628-1633.

"The painting illustrates the moment when Christ, with the words, 'Follow me,' challenges Levi to forsake the privileges of his position as a Roman tax collector in order to become one of the 12 disciples (Matthew 9:9-13)."

(These photos were taken with a consumer-grade DSLR. I've since upgraded my equipment. Some quality is lost with the DSLR I used.)
The Calling of St. MatthewThe Calling of St. Matthew

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