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This photo gallery contains Bahá'í-inspired slideshows, which are not for sale.

Please note that these slideshows were created prior to my purchase of a professional photographer's computer monitor; as a result, my old monitor displayed photos as have the correct brightness, but it turns out my photos were usually often not bright enough for other monitors. As a result, they may appear darker. Eventually, I'll remake most of these slideshows but it will take two years from this writing in April 2019. Due to health issues, I do not edit as many photos or make as many slideshows as I used to, so I'm a bit slower at turn-around now. My apologies for the dark images. Just adjust your brightness on whatever device you are viewing on if they are dark.

Copyrights and sources for quotes, photos and music are included in each slideshow or in the caption. If they are not in a slideshow, please retain the information that is in the caption when sharing. Copyright is important and not including copyright information is a violation of whomever's copyright is used, with permission, in the slideshow. Thank you so much!