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A.L.M. Nicolas quote about The Báb is illustrated by Glenn Franco Simmons.

Magnificent Example Of Courage

Speaking of The Báb, the French historian, A. L. M. Nicolas wrote:

“His life is one of the most magnificent examples of courage which it has been the privilege of mankind to behold. … He sacrificed himself for humanity, for it he gave his body and his soul, for it he endured privations, insults, torture and martyrdom. He sealed, with his very lifeblood, the covenant of universal brotherhood. Like Jesus, he paid with his life for the proclamation of a reign of concord, equity and brotherly love. More than anyone, he knew what dreadful dangers he was heaping upon himself, … but all these considerations could not weaken his resolve. Fear had no hold upon his soul and, perfectly calm, never looking back, in full possession of all his powers, he walked into the furnace.”

Source: Release The Sun, page 186, by William Sears. National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States, 1960. Photo © Glenn Franco Simmons/Bahá'í Writings As Art.