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Floral Naw-Rúz images designed by Bahá’í Writings As Art.

Happy Naw-Rúz!

"The Bahá’í new year is called Naw-Rúz, which literally means, “New Day” in Persian, the language of Iran where the Bahá’í Faith has its roots. Like the ancient Persian new year, the Baha’i new year occurs on the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

"The Bahá’í calendar has nineteen months of nineteen days each, leaving either four or five days depending on whether it is a leap year, which are known as Ayyám-i-Há or Intercalary days.

The Bahá’í month leading up to Naw-Rúz is a month of daytime fasting, used as a time of introspection and prayer. Baha’is rise before the sun to eat breakfast and pray. They break the day’s fast in the evening after sunset. The Fast offers both a physical and spiritual preparation for spring and renewal. Naw-Rúz marks the end of the Fast and is often celebrated with an especially festive meal."

Source: U.S. Bahá’í website.