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Southern Pacific Railroad 1215 photographed by Glenn Franco Simmons.

Southern Pacific Railroad 1215

"Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) 1215 was originally assigned to the Dunsmuir rail yard near Mt Shasta," according to Wikipedia. "The locomotive was primarily used on the Western Division of the Southern Pacific Railroad, working from Oakland, Sacramento and Bakersfield.

"The locomotive finished its active career in San Francisco before being retired from service in 1957 and subsequently donated to Hanford, California for a static park display in 1958.

"The Feather River Railroad Society purchased the engine in 1995 and moved it to their Portola Railroad Museum. The California Trolley and Railroad Corporation acquired the locomotive from FRRS in 2004."

These photos were taken before I purchased professional cameras and/or lenses and were edited on an older monitor. In the future, I will re-edit these photos.