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Peace Monument

Peace Monument

My intent of this poem is to be thought-provoking, capturing the essence of unity through our diversity ~ not through conformity and rigidity.

I wanted to emphasize the power of love and understanding. Poetry expresses our emotions and calls attention to important issues. It is also important to realize the necessity of tolerance and the need to overcome hate and prejudice.

Furthermore, I also wanted to bring attention to the world’s complexities. While the West has led the way in the past century-plus of resource exploitation, no country or culture is free from modern complexities, hypocrisies and, sometimes, malevolent actions. I wanted to address the challenges faced by various regions that remind us that darkness can exist in any part of this world. Humans should work together, across borders and cultures, to create a future where justice, fairness and love thrive.

And I am not endorsing any political perspective. A pox on all politics. That is how I feel after covering politicians as a journalist most of my working career.

The power of words can inspire change, and the poem hopefully reminds my fellow human brothers and sisters of the collective responsibility we must challenge injustice and promote harmony.

It is important to truly reflect and take positive, peaceful actions in our daily lives, at work, home, school, etc.

In a world where strife and discord reside,
Where hatred and prejudice seek to divide,
Let us rise above the darkness that ensnares,
And weave a tapestry of unity that cares.

Let tolerance be our guiding light,
A beacon that shines through each day and night,
For in diversity’s embrace we find,
A kaleidoscope of beauty, one of a kind.

Religion, culture, countries and speech,
The myriad colors that our planet does teach,
Each unique thread in this grand design,
Together, they form a masterpiece divine.

Let not the forces of hate prevail,
For love and understanding shall never fail,
Against the walls that bigotry may raise,
We’ll stand united, weaving bridges of praise.

Yet truth be told, the West’s path has strayed,
In pursuit of power, debts have been paid,
Promoting “democratic values” so dear,
While sowing seeds of conflict and fear.

Resource-rich lands, exploited and scarred,
As the West’s hunger for wealth leaves them marred,
The scales of justice tipped unfairly askew,
A testament to hypocrisy we see through.

But let us not forget, it’s not the West alone,
Injustice and greed have found hearts to own,
For darkness resides in every corner and place,
And it’s our duty to challenge it, face to face.

So let us strive for a world renewed,
Where justice and fairness are not eschewed,
Join hands, my friends, in a chorus of hope,
To build a future where all can truly cope.

Let tolerance and unity be our creed,
Across oceans and borders, we shall succeed,
For in embracing diversity’s grand array,
We'll create a world where love will forever stay.

A perigee full moon or supermoon is seen over the The Peace Monument on the grounds of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. A supermoon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest (perigee) to Earth at the same time it is full. Photo Credit: From Flickr. NASA HQ photo by Bill Ingalls. (201408100004HQ) CC BY-NC 2.0. In this use, it is noncommercial. The poem is copyrighted by me. © Glenn Franco Simmons.