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A poem about a pasture by Glenn Franco Simmons.

Pasture's Song

In the meadow’s embrace, after rain’s gentle touch,
Where the sky turns to blue, and clouds break up and such,
The sun peeks through, with warmth that's kind and true,
A symphony of nature unfolds, as new life starts to pursue.

The grass, once adorned with glistening morning dew,
Rejoices in the sunlight, painting a vivid hue.
Each blade stands proud, stretching toward the sky,
As if whispering secrets only they and the wind imply.

The pasture awakens, a canvas alive and vast,
A masterpiece of colors, entwined in a vibrant contrast.
Emerald greens dance, with hints of golden light,
As the sun’s tender kisses imbue the meadow so bright.

Tiny droplets sparkle, adorning petals so fine,
Gems upon the wildflowers, they dazzle and shine.
Their fragrance dances on the air, an ode to life anew,
A symphony of scents, refreshing and true.

The song of birds, once hidden by the rain's disguise,
Now fills the air with melodies that mesmerize.
Their voices carry joy, on wings so light and free,
Celebrating nature's bounty, in perfect harmony.

And as the day awakens, with skies of tranquil blue,
The meadow whispers secrets, to those who wander through.
A tranquil haven, a moment captured in time,
Where the beauty of the pastures sings a sweet rhyme.

So, cherish the meadow's afterglow, as the rain subsides,
When the sky turns to blue, and the sun gently guides.
For in those fleeting moments, amidst the grass so lush,
Nature’s wonder unfolds, in a meadow’s tender hush.