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Glenn and Buddy.

Glenn and Buddy.

Our quirky, silly, loving, cuddly little Buddy, with a blind left eye, is missing. While he may still return, our hearts are heavy and we miss him dearly. In a bit of serendipity, my wife took this photo of me and Buddy shortly after I was released from the hospital after almost dying from three bacterial infections and sepsis. It's a photo I immediately treasured and now it is even more treasured.

In a cozy corner of my heart, there dwelled a fluffy friend,
A cat named Buddy, whose love seemed to know no end.
With his quirky personality and playful demeanor too,
He brightened up our lives with everything he would do.
Buddy, oh Buddy, so lovely and so kind,
You were the feline companion so fortunate to find.
Your fur was as soft as a warm summer breeze,
And your purrs brought a sense of comfort and ease.
You'd curl up beside us, your love on full display,
With gentle nuzzles, you'd chase our worries away.
No other kitty could cuddle quite like you,
Your affection was boundless, always shining through.
Oh, how we miss you since you've been gone,
Searching high and low, our hearts heavy and forlorn.
The days feel empty, and the nights so long,
But memories of our time together keep us strong.
Perhaps you're exploring new adventures afar,
Leaving pawprints on unknown paths, the brightest star.
Wherever you are, we hope you're safe and well,
Knowing your love in our hearts will forever dwell.
Though tears may fall and sadness may persist,
We cherish the joyous moments that we couldn't resist.
Buddy, dear Buddy, you were one of a kind,
A treasured companion, in our hearts, forever enshrined.
So let us remember the joy you brought each day,
And hold onto the love that will never fade away.
Though you're not here, your spirit will remain,
In our memories, in our hearts, forever to sustain.
~ Franco