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Nevada Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial

Nevada Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial

In the realm of valor and bravery, let me weave a tale,
Of the guardians of justice, who never seem to fail.
Listen now, dear friend, to a poem that sings,
Of those who don the badge and face what danger brings.

In the heart of every officer, there beats a noble fire,
A burning dedication that never seems to tire.
Leaving behind their families, oh, their sacrifice so grand,
They step into the unknown, extending a helping hand.

Through the darkest of night, they walk with steady stride,
Guided by their courage, they stand side by side.
Beneath the starry sky, their presence lights the way,
A beacon of hope and strength, throughout the entire day.

Each step they take carries the weight of a hero's pledge,
To protect and serve, from the precinct's very edge.
For when danger looms, and chaos threatens to ensue,
They rush in fearlessly, their duty they'll pursue.

In moments of crisis, their actions speak louder than words,
Selflessly they face peril, their courage never blurred.
They shield the innocent, with unwavering resolve,
Risking their own safety, their bravery will absolve.

Yet, let us not forget the families left behind,
Whose love and support often goes undefined.
They stand strong, as their loved ones fight the fight,
Their sacrifice immeasurable, every day and every night.

So, let us raise our voices to honor their noble quest,
These defenders of justice, who give their very best.
To the police officers, with hearts filled with love,
Your heroic service shines bright, like stars above.
~ Franco