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Because of the way this Ford Edsel was parked in the Reno-based National Automobile Museum, I was not able to get a good photo showing the car's front end. However, I have profiled another 1958 Edsel and do have a front-end photo, if you are interested.

My Father owned a 1958 Edsel and I remember him often saying how he disliked it but wished he would have kept it. Now they are featured in museums and concourses!

This 1958 Edsel Citation is a 4-door hardtop made by Ford Motor Co.’s Edsel Division of Dearborn, Mich. When new, it would cost, in 1958 dollars, $3,615. The 8-cylinder, 410-cubic-inch engine was capable of 345 hp.

“The Edsel automobile was the result of a marketing exercise by the Ford Motor Co. to fill the price gap between the Ford and Mercury lines,” a museum display about the car states.

“A separate Edsel Division was established, although much of the original planning was done by Ford’s Special Products Division.

“The Edsel was designed by Roy A. Brown and the style conformed with the automobile fashion of the day with a long, wide and low body that was lavishly decorated with chrome and liberally supplied with gadgets.

“When they were introduced in September 1957, the Edsels were available in the Ranger-Pacer Series and, as displayed here, the more expensive Corsair-Citation Series.

There was a wide selection of interior and exterior colors and two V-8 engine options were available.

“The most distinctive feature of the Edsel was its vertical ‘horsecollar’ grill, which became the source of a great many jokes. Many believe the Edsel failed because of the grill, but there were many reasons, including customer over-anticipation created by Ford’s promotion and advertising program.”

There are also a number of “bugs” in the first Edsel production cars.

“Sales were very disappointing and Edsel production ceased on Nov. 19, 1959. A total of 102,737 Edsels were sold. Quite unfairly, the Edsel has become the symbol of corporate failure. They really weren’t all that bad!”

I agree with that. I love the Edsel!
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