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The Nethercutt Collection had an exquisite 1936 Duesenberg Model SJN Convertible Coupe on a moving circular display when I last visited in 2014. It was manufactured by Indianapolis-based Duesenberg. The coachbuilder was Rollston & Co. of New York City.

The car was used in the original 1949 movie titled "The Great Gatsby."

"Duesenberg's racing heritage and excellent engineering were desirable additions for E.L. Cord, who acquired the company in 1926," states a Nethercutt summary of the beautiful car. "Cord asked Fred Duesenberg to build the world's finest automobile. Many historians believe he succeeded.

"The JN Series Duesenbergs with wider bodies, skirted fenders and smaller wheels were the last model built by Duesenberg."

It boasts a DOHC straight-8 supercharged engine and 320 hp.

Photos do not due this exemplary car justice. If you are in Los Angeles, and you love cars, this is a must-see. The Nethercutt's public museum is free.
The Nethercutt CollectionThe Nethercutt CollectionThe Nethercutt Collection

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