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Mission Santa Barbara

Mission Santa Barbara

The Virgin and St. Ildephonse is a polychromed wood carving in excellent condition. It is most likely of Spanish origin.

"It represents the Virgin in the act of placing a chasuble on the kneeling Ildephonse," according to the Mission. "The sculptor had a fine sense of design; the compact character of the group is unified by a strong linear quality that encompasses the figures.

"The brilliance of the original coloring must have been considerable. Trace of deep reds and dark blue-blacks from a now lost estofado (stenciled) pattern remain."

St. Ildephonse is well-known because he was one of the first Spanish Benedictine monks.

"He died in January 667," the Mission noted, after a lifetime of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

"One day in his abbey church he had a vision of the Virgin seated in his abbot's chair. She put over him a chasuble of 'heavenly substance' and her attendant angels adjusted it. From that day on, he never occupied the chair nor wore the garment."