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One of many crown jewels in the Blackhawk Automotive Museum’s collection is what is most likely the only Bucciali in existence.

The 1930 Bucciali TAV8 Roadster sports an elongated stork on its sides and represents the craftsmanship and dedication of brothers Angelo and Paul-Albert Bucciali of France.

“{They} aspired to build the finest cars ever produced,” notes Blackhawk. “They had been in the aviation industry and entered the automotive field in 1923. “The Freres {Brothers} Bucciali claimed to have built 36 TAVs (Traction Avant/front-wheel-drive) at a cost $20,000 ~ each a substantial sum in 1930. “This TAV 8 Roadster is thought to be the only original Bucciali in existence.”

Blackhawk said it’s powered by an American-built Continental straight-eight engine that produces 100hp at 3200 rpm.

“This dramatic roadster body was crafted by French coachbuilder Jacques Saoutchik,” Blackhawk said. “The elongated stork on the hood sides ~ which is replicated in leather on the interior door panels ~ was the mascot of the famous aviation squadron Groupe des Cigognes (The Storks) that Paul-Albert had flown during World War I.”

Engine, 8 cylinder, Continental L-head, 3” bore, 4.75” stroke, 269 cubic inch, 100hp at 3200 rpm. Body/Coachbuilder, Jacques Saoutchik Carrossier Paris-Neuilly, France. Manufacturer, Bucciali Freres Seine, Frances J Reid. Price When New, $20,000-plus. Price now, one of the most-expensive cars, estimated to be worth millions of dollars, in the world today.
1930 Bucciali TAV8 Roadster1930 Bucciali TAV8 Roadster1930 Bucciali TAV8 Roadster1930 Bucciali TAV8 Roadster

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