Sacred Whispers

September 10, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

A poem about God by Glenn Franco Simmons.Sacred Whispers A poem by Glenn appears in this post. In sacred whispers, my heart unfolds,
A symphony of love, untold.
For God, the anchor of my soul,
Whose presence, I yearn to behold.

My love for Him, an endless sea,
With every breath, it sets me free.
In His embrace, I find solace deep,
Where earthly worries softly sleep.

Yearning for peace, my spirit cries,
To feel His grace, where darkness dies.
In His light, my burdens relieved,
A haven of calm, where I'm believed.

Forgiveness sought, with humble plea,
For sins that stain, and blind my glee.
In His mercy, I find redemption's key,
A chance to rise, and truly be free.

Mysterious is He, the Divine unknown,
Unfathomable depths, to us not shown.
In awe I stand, in reverent grace,
Seeking His wisdom, His sacred embrace.

Oh God, my Love, my heart's desire,
With fervent flames that never tire,
I'll seek Your presence, till life's last breath,
In Your divine love, I find my eternal rest.
~ Franco



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