Almaden Meadows Park: A San Jose Gem

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Almaden Meadows ParkAlmaden Meadows ParkWild yellow mustard blossoms line the trail to Almaden Meadows in South San Jose. Almaden Meadows Park is a hidden gem in San Jose that offers a peaceful and relaxing escape from Silicon Valley, a metropolis whose generally rude, unforgiving and crime-plagued reality is not as pretty as that portrayed on some tinsel screens.

Today, I added the photo above to the landscape gallery.

The park, however, is a great place to enjoy nature, exercise, play or simply unwind. Whether you are looking for a family outing, a romantic date or a solo adventure, Almaden Meadows Park has something for everyone.

It is just a shame that amid the ocean of boring suburban houses, asphalt streets and concrete, more acreage could not be set aside for the harried overcrowded Silicon Valley residents.

Almaden MeadowsAlmaden MeadowsWild yellow mustard blossoms line the trail to Almaden Meadows in South San Jose. The nearly 16-acre Almaden Meadows Park is a park located at Camden Avenue and Meridian Avenue in San Jose.

The park features two playgrounds, one for children under 5 years old and another for children more than 5 years old. The playgrounds have slides, swings, climbing structures and benches. The park also has a large open field where people can play soccer, frisbee or other games. There are no barbecue grills or picnic tables in the park, but visitors can bring their own food and drinks and enjoy them on the grass.

One of the main park attractions is the hill in the center of it, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding Silicon Valley to the north and Almaden and Coyote Valleys to south. There are vistas east Almaden Meadows Park photographed by Glenn Franco Simmons.Almaden Meadows ParkWild yellow mustard blossoms line the trail to Almaden Meadows in South San Jose. and west, too. The hill has several trails that lead to the top, where people can admire the scenery, watch the sunset or do some birdwatching. The hill is also covered with yellow mustard in the springtime, creating a beautiful contrast with the green grass. However, I haven't photographed there for a number of years and the long drought in California devastated the mustard shown in this photo. By 2018, the last time I visited, the mustard had still not recovered to pre-drought growth.

The park is open from sunrise to an hour after sunset every day. There is no entrance fee or reservation required. Parking is available on the street along Camden and Meridian avenues. The park is also accessible by public transportation, as there are bus stops nearby on both streets. The park does not have restrooms or drinking fountains, so visitors should plan accordingly ~ especially on hot days.

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