Gilroy, The Garlic Capital Of The World

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Gilroy field photographed by Glenn Franco Simmons.Gilroy FieldA field just outside Gilroy proper in the South Santa Clara Valley. The charming and bustling Southern Santa Clara Valley city boasts a mostly flat agricultural landscape and, Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World.

Products are a vital supply origin for a plethora of fresh produce that are not only transported throughout the Golden State, but other states and even other countries.

Gilroy benefits from a unique microclimate, characterized by cool, marine-influenced summers and mild winters. These conditions, along with its fertile soil, create a favorable environment for a wide range of crops to thrive. The region’s well-drained, loamy soil enables farmers to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and specialty crops that include:

1. Garlic: As the city’s claim to fame, Gilroy produces vast quantities of garlic, contributing significantly to the global garlic supply. This versatile crop is grown throughout the year and supports the local economy through its cultivation, processing, and distribution.

2. Onions: Alongside garlic, onions are another essential crop in Gilroy. Farmers here grow both storage and sweet onions to cater to various culinary preferences. The harvested onions are renowned for their size, flavor, and extended shelf life.

3. Lettuce and Leafy Greens: Gilroy’s mild climate allows for year-round cultivation of lettuce and leafy greens. These crops are known for their crispness, vibrant colors, and superior taste, making them popular choices for both local and regional markets.

4. Bell Peppers: The region’s warm summers are ideal for cultivating bell peppers, which thrive in Gilroy’s climate. These vibrant and nutritious vegetables are grown in abundance and contribute to both the local and national markets.

5. Tomatoes: Gilroy’s agricultural prowess extends to the cultivation of tomatoes. Farmers here produce a variety of tomato types, including the widely popular heirloom varieties, which are cherished for their distinct flavors and culinary versatility.

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