In Virginia City On A Summer's Eve Poem

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Virginia City, Nevada, landscape by Glenn Franco Simmons.'V' for Virginia City.A partial view of C Street, with the V for Virginia City. In Virginia City, on a summer's eve,
Where history whispers, legends breathe,
A mysterious country singer graced the stage,
Her haunting voice, as if an old Western sage.

Down historic C Street, her voice rolled with grace,
As tales of the Old West adorned each place.
The echoes of yesteryears, and many horse drives,
As The Lode's secrets began to arrive.

Once a hub of Comstock mining's might,
Where gold and silver shimmered so bright,
Miners toiled, with hopes held high,
Through the depths, their dreams they'd ply.

The breeze carried whispers of the past,
Of fortunes won, and dreams amassed,
In the shadows of historic buildings tall,
Virginia City's spirit stood strong, enthralled.

And there, amid the faint moon's glow,
The songstress sang with her heart aflow,
Her voice pierced through the night's warm air,
Aching with sorrow, and love's despair.

Her ballads spun tales of cowboys bold,
Of saloons, outlaws and stories untold,
Each note reverberating through time,
Weaving stories from the Old West's prime.

The audience, captivated, in her presence swayed,
For the songs she sang could not be replayed,
A moment suspended, lost in the past,
As her voice whispered secrets that forever last.

Virginia City, Nevada, in summer's heat,
A treasure trove of stories, so bittersweet,
Of Comstock mining tales too many untold,
That evening's mystery no longer to behold.

~ by Glenn Franco Simmons

Poem © GTFS


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