Porcelain Dahlias A Dainty Addition To Other Dahlias

June 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Depending upon how long a dahlia has been out in the sun, whether a flash is used, whether it is cloudy, as well as other variables, they can appear quite differently in photos. That's the case with my Porcelain dahlia photos. Some were photographed under clouds, some in bright sun and some with a flash.

My Porcelain dahlia photos were taken in very dark skies, necessitating a flash at times. Other times, there was direct and indirect sun. Porcelain dahlias a dainty and beautiful.

These Porcelain dahlias photographed in San Francisco at The Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park. Please share, if so inclined. June is a big month of colors at The Dahlia Garden. If you live in the Bay Area, along the Redwood Coast, all the way down to Goleta and Santa Barbara, and eastward, this garden is within an easy days drive to several hours depending upon your location. It is worth viewing. Please view more in the accompanying below.


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