Veca Lucia One Of The First Dahlias Photographed By Me

June 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Veca Lucia dahlia photo by Glenn Franco Simmons in San Francisco.Dahlia, Veca LuciaThis Veca Lucia photos is one of the first ones I took with my new professional camera gear and the first one I edited. Because of different cameras, filters, lenses and available light, I'm not sure if this is officially a Veca Lucia, so if you can help identify it, please email me. Thank you.

This flower is the Veca Lucia dahlia that was photographed in San Francisco at The Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park. In several of the photos, it was very dark the morning I took them. Almost like dusk or early darkness in the evening. They came out OK in the end, however.

One of the first photos (above) I took with my new professional gear in 2011 was the Veca Lucia dahlia, and that one was in bright sun in August. If you haven't yet visited The Dahlia Garden, you have July, August and September, which are usually all glorious months of dahlia blooms. Even into early October, you might see some beautiful blooms. Below is a slideshow featuring my Veca Lucia dahlia photos and in different cropped versions.



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