Prison Hill Features Improvements, Labyrinth

May 02, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Prison Hill's labyrinth.The Labyrinth A labyrinth is an added feature of the Prison Hill trail system. This is a short distance from the parking lot at East Fifth Street and Carson River Road. Since I've been hiking Prison Hill's trails for four years, there have steadily been improvements in the area, including the new trail that goes Prison Hill's parking lot to Saddle Ranch.

That trail is wide, perfectly graded and features a rocky surface that is excellent for walking, running, biking and walking dogs, which is a popular activity on that part of the Prison Hill trail complex.

The labyrinth is also a popular feature, but I often don't take that part of the trail system. I prefer the longer hike to Boy Scout Viewpoint.

Boy Scout Viewpoint in Carson City.Boy Scout ViewpointTrail to Boy Scout Viewpoint, which offers stunning views of Carson City, Sierra Nevada, Rose Mountain and the southeastern foothills of the Virginia Range. There were some rocks stacked together, perhaps to encourage people to use the trail and not go off the trail to the overlook, but something or someone knocked them down. My suggestion would be for the little rock barrier to remain, it needs to be several rocks thick, which might prevent horses or humans from knocking them over so easily. 

Carson City's Boy Scout Viewpoint TrailBoy Scout Viewpoint TrailTrail to Boy Scout Viewpoint, which gives an awesome view of Carson City. The rocks encouraged people to stay on the trail, which is important if habitat is to be restored.
Staying on the trails is important, as there were once many trails and roads throughout the Prison Hill system, and efforts are being made to attempt to reclaim some of the damaged habitat.


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