1967 Mustang Was Improvement; Shown At Downtown Revival Car Show

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1967 Ford Mustang photographed in Carson City by Glenn Franco Simmons.1967 Ford Mustang Hard-top CoupeThe legendary "vents" on the 1967 Ford Mustang. I photographed this 1967 Ford Mustang at the 2022 Downtown Revival Car Show in Carson City. 

(The sixth-annual Downtown Revival Car Show will be held in Carson City on Saturday, July 8, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hosted by Esther Chapter #3, Order of the Eastern Star, the awesome car show will be held on Carson Street between Robinson and Fifth streets.)

1967 Ford Mustang photographed in Carson City by Glenn Franco Simmons.1967 Ford Mustang Hard-top CoupeThis 1967 Ford Mustang was shown at the 2022 Downtown Revival Car Show in Carson City. In the mid-1950s, Ford hit the jackpot with an instant classic series of Thunderbirds.

In the 1960s, it did it again with a series of Mustangs.

And these are not the only classic Fords from either era, in my opinion.

The 1967 Mustang offering of three models was a step up from previous Mustangs.

And the hard-top coupe is my favorite, although a convertible wouldn’t be so bad, either.


So, as a Ford Mustang brochure asked, “How do you improve on a classic? How do you add excitement to the most exciting, most acclaimed new car in history?”

The answers pleased Mustang buyers then and owners now: “This year we’ve given {the} Mustang a stylish new body {and} a wider 58-inch tread for better roadability.”

And that’s not all.

“We’ve added fresh Mustang optional features, like a hefty 390-cubic-inch Thunderbird Special V-8 for extra spirit,” the brochure states.

Ford also added a “Tilt-Away steering wheel that moves aside when you open the door ~ and tilts up or down to nine different driving positions,” according to the brochure.

The 1967 Mustang also featured “fingertip speed control.”

“{It} lets you set cruising speed without {the} need to maintain constant accelerator pressure,” according to the brochure. “SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic {allows you to} go fully automatic or shift manually for the fun of it without a clutch.”

This Mustang also offered improved traction with what Ford described as “wide-oval sports tires” with V-8s.

Also featured in this year were front power disc brakes and Ford’s “SelectAire” conditioner and “convenience control panel.”

So, what remains from previous Mustangs?

“The standards that made the Mustang a classic in the first place; that won almost a million-and-a-half owners in under three years; bucket seats, full carpeting, floor-mounted shift {and} vinyl trim; lithe performance and handling.”

Ford offered three classic and distinctive models: convertible, hardtop and fastback.

“And most particularly we kept the classic long, lean, adventurous look,” the brochure notes. “The ’67 is very much a Mustang; still very new.”

Customers could pick “from 16 new Super Diamond Lustre Enamel single tones” for the car’s exterior, according to the brochure.

“Counting standard and optional choices, there are a total of 20 all-vinyl trims for the hardtop, 18 for the 2+2, 16 for the convertible,” the brochure notes.



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