Other Benches Noticed At Sewer Plant

April 26, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Other BenchesOther BenchesIn my many trips around this loop, I missed another bench two small bench-like structures. These are unusable much of the year, due to the sewer plant's stench, leaving walkers/runners with a bench near Saliman and two at Moffat. I just have missed this bench and two small bench-type platforms on my dozen of walks around the sewer plant/public works loop. I noticed them the other day, possibly because the paths were raked.

So, that makes two benches by the sewer plant and two smaller bench-type platforms to sit on.

Thus, from Roop to Lompa, back to the sewer plant loop to Moffat Open Space, there are a total of five benches and two bench-like resting structures.

One bench is located on the official California Trail near Saliman; two benches, two structures in front of the sewer plant (unusable much of the year); and two at the pinnacle of Moffat Open Space.

I walked 17 miles exercising and looking for birds a few days ago from Roop to Moffat. I used benches at all three locations and my car in the parking lot next to the Humane Society.

20230327_115347 copyCalifornia Trail BenchThe sole bench on the California Trail. There are no benches in the wetlands area to sit and rest, whether exercising or bird-watching.

I feel sorry for the many seniors and elderly folks who come out to watch the birds. It seems rather discriminatory in favor of the able-bodied when you consider the plentiful number of benches in Riverview Park and the fact that two benches have been added the newer addition between Carson River Road and the Riverview Park circle walk.

It seems like the wetlands should have received benches before that extension to Carson River Road; that said, I understand there are different funding sources, requirements, etc.

How the Roop to Lompa trail can be so neglected and no benches but one is mind-boggling. Guess Carson City mayors and board members must not walk those paths often or are good shape like me and don't usually require benches unless you walk 10 miles or more.


Or, maybe if they walked it more, they would realize the need for more benches and seek donations for benches if the city cannot afford a couple of benches.



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