Olson's Orchard Provides Glimpse To Ag Past

February 04, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Olson's Cherry Orchard photographed by Glenn Franco Simmons.C.J. Olson's Sunnyvale Cherry OrchardA box for fresh-picked cherries awaits at C.J. Olson's Sunnyvale Cherry Orchard.
Olson's Cherry Orchard in Sunnyvale was a great place to visit when I lived there with my wife for almost a decade. I only photographed in one year because it was the best for wild mustard growing among the cherry trees.

Yellow oxalis also grew among the trees. In most years, however, there was a drought, officially for about three years, but in reality, more like 7 of the nine years we lived there. I could tell by our own garden, in which one orange tree almost died and other plants were ruined, and our lawns dried to a pulp.

The cherries from this orchard were delightful! The photos I took are quite iconic. If you would like a memory of one of two of the Valley of Heart's Delight last commercial orchards, please order a photo while I have this website.


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