Hope Valley Barely Spared From Wildfires

February 04, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Hope Valley fall colors photographed by Glenn Franco Simmons.Hope Valley Fall ColorsHope Valley's fall colors, near the former Sorenson's Resort, now the Wylder Hope Valley Resort. These photos were taken at Wylder Hope Valley Resort in California along Highway 88 that is about 15 minutes east of Nevada. This area was almost destroyed by a fire in 2021, which was caused by the federal and California state governments ignoring a lightning strike in a remote area that they called a "good fire" that then exploded and caused so much damage, the area will not recover for hundreds of years; a federal government control burn; and a third that was caused by humans on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. There also have been other fires close by in past years. How long this area will last in its beautiful, near-pristine state is anyone's guess. I'm fortunate I got it photographed. The last fire burned within a football field of the resort on several sides.


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