Big Loop Trail Breathtakingly Beautiful

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Prairie Creek’s breathtakingly beautiful The Big Tree Loop ~ along with the accompanying Prairie Creek and Cathedral Tree Trails ~ is a an easy to moderate level trail that does not require a great deal of exertion along most of it ~ for me.
“The Big Tree Loop is located Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park on the North Coast of California,” according to AI-Pro. “The trail gives hikers a perfect opportunity to engage with striking examples of old-growth coastal redwoods, dynamic wildlife and enchanting fern-covered hillsides that slope down to various streams.”
A digital artwork showing Cal-Barrel Road by Glenn Franco Simmons.Big Tree Loop TrailThis digitally created artwork reminds me of Cal-Barrel Road in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in Humboldt County, Calif. You can hike the Big Tree Loop Trail that includes the Karl Knapp Trail and Cathedral Trees Trail. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is part of the Redwood National and State Park system, which encompasses approximately 132,000 acres of land, incorporating both federal- and state-managed regions.
“The parkland was designated a World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve, protecting the tallest trees on Earth and preserving an incredibly diverse range of species,” AI-Pro noted. “Named aptly for its comprehensive designation, The Big Tree Loop provides a representative exploration of the park, featuring a rich variety of landscapes from towering redwoods to beautiful creek views. The trail is officially regarded as moderate, engaging hikers with a mix of wide, flat meandering pathways and some steep ascents and descents.
“One of the chief highlights on the Big Loop Trail is Cathedral Trees, a grove of ancient, towering redwoods that leave hikers in awe of their splendor and grandeur. These silent giants, some dating back 2,000 years, are a humbling reminder of life's continuity and the longevity of the natural world.”
If you would like to read a comprehensive writeup about this trail, Redwood Hikes has an excellent post about it with photos.


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