Thank A First-responder This Christmas Season

December 23, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Nevada Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial photo by Glenn Franco Simmons.Nevada Law Enforcement Officers' MemorialThe Nevada Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial on the grounds of the state Capitol in Carson City, Nev. If you know a police officer, ambulance crew member, fire crew member, dispatcher, doctor, nurse, etc., thank them for their service over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.
Their families often make huge sacrifices for their own celebrations so we can have ours.
I have a 31-year-old police scanner (bought at Fortuna's former Radio Shack) in my Glenn Cave and these deputies, fire crews and ambulance crews work hard.
And we shouldn't forget the glue that holds it all together: the dispatchers.
Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and community service.
Photos are the firemen's memorial and the law enforcement officers' memorial near the state Legislature.


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