View Virginia City Camel Race Photos

January 13, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Well, if you have never been to Virginia City's Camel Races, you are sure missing a great time. The animals are treated very well and there is a lot of fun and more than camels! My wife Kathleen and I had a wonderful time. I added photos from the 2022 Virginia City Camel Races. The photos are free to download. I do not sell them. You may edit them as you like. I'm not sure if the edited versions would make for good prints or not, but you can try it. Just edit them first. Next year, I'm ight bring my professional gear and take a bit better photos. This year, we were driving by and realized it was Dayton Valley Days and stopped. If you share on social media, please credit with: © Glenn Franco Simmons. Thank you, kindly.


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