Nevada State Museum Photos Added

January 23, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I added photos from the Nevada State Museum today that were taken with my smartphone. They are not professionally taken or edited. You may download and edit them as you desire. They may not be used commercially.

If you use them on social media, please credit Glenn Franco Simmons and provide a hyperlink to the photo you use.

Some times, I take more than one photo, due to camera shake from my asthma sprays, so that is why you sometimes see multiple photos of one subject. If one appears blurry, most likely another will not be.

"The Nevada State Museum engages diverse audiences in understanding and celebrating Nevada’s natural and cultural heritage," according to the museum's website. "The museum preserves heritage for long-term public benefit.

"{It also} presents heritage through unique and authentic educational experiences, enhanced by an environment of comfort, interaction, and inspiration.

"Audiences learn what makes Nevada special. They gain stronger identity, connection, and validation. They develop a broader point of view and a sense of responsibility.
"The museum extends benefits to the greatest audience, provides leadership in heritage education, and adheres to the highest standards of public-trust stewardship."



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