Marshall Mint A Virginia City Treasure

January 23, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

A photo of the Marshall Mint in Virginia City, Nev., in The Comstock Lode.Marshall MintThis is a photo of Virginia City's Marshall Mint. The Marshal Mint is a throwback in time to when there were private mints that minted coins. There used to be an official federal mint in Carson City, which still mints collectors' coins. The Marshal Mint does the same thing and it's a great place to visit if you are interested in coins. There are many sets of officially minted coins in mint condition, too. If you visit Virginia City, don't miss visiting the Marshall Mint.

We've bought many valuable and memorable items from Marshall Mint for family members. There are many items that make great birthday and Christmas gifts.

These photos of Virginia City's Marshall Mint are part of my photojournalism via smartphone. They are not professionally taken or edited. You may download and edit them as you desire. They may not be used commercially. If you use them on social media, please credit Glenn Franco Simmons and provide a hyperlink to the photo you use.


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