Carson City Car Show Features Amazing Cars

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1956 Ford Thunderbird1956 Ford ThunderbirdWhen I posted this 1956 Ford Thunderbird before, I didn’t do it justice.

First is the pain job. I lost my notes when I got rid of my old smartphone, but if I remember correctly, the paint was black with green speckles.

I might have the colors wrong because of memory and/or because of the bright sunlight, which does turn some darker paint colors into appearing as black.

This is particularly acute with digital cameras that sometimes cannot distinguish subtle color variations. This even occurs on my expensive DSLR cameras and Nikkor lenses.

I would welcome any corrections to my memory and apologize for the loss of notes. I waited too long to write about the cars I photographed in 2022.

The 1956 Thunderbird is a popular model among Thunderbird enthusiasts.

Ford Motor Co.’s brochure of this model tells a lot and takes us back a step back in time.

“In achieving its flashing new style and performance, the Thunderbird sacrifices nothing in luxurious comfort and generous convenience,” the brochure states. “It combines for the first time the superior roadability and dashing flair long attributed to foreign sports cars with the American idea of what constitutes practical transportation.

“The result is the most exciting personal car that America has yet produced,” the brochure continues. “One inspection and you’ll agree that here, indeed, is the ultimate in personal transportation!”

In an image of the interior, with an attractive model standing against the car, the brochure states, “Here is beauty that is breathtaking! Notice how the control panel groups its instruments so that they can be read at a glance.

“Signal lights warn of low oil pressure and insufficient generator output. A tachometer which allows engine revolutions per minute is standard. So is the electric clock with the sweep second hand. And, in addition, there’s a room for three in the comfort-contoured full-width seat!”
The annual Carson City Downtown Revival Car Show, held each July, is one of Carson City's most popular events. This is one of the photos I took with my smartphone. Next year (2023), I'll be using my professional cameras and lenses.

If you would like professional photos of your car taken, I have two of the best Nikon cameras in the world and award-winning Nikkor lenses. I also have tripods and lights. Just e-mail me.



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