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A few years ago, I photographed jukeboxes at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in Danville, Calif. I was using my first digital camera, which wasn't a pro model, as I was deciding whether to make the transition from pro SLR to pro DSLR, so the photos are not quite as good as my professional work. The photos are available for free downloads for noncommercial use. They may not be purchased as commercial products.
1940 Wurlitzer Model 5001946 Packard Manhattan jukebox1946 Packard Manhattan jukebox1948 Magic-Glo Jukebox1948 Magic-Glo Jukebox1948 Magic-Glo Jukebox1948 Magic-Glo JukeboxAMI Mother of PlasticAMI Mother of PlasticAMI Mother of Plastic1946 Packard Pla-mor Jukebox1946 Packard Pla-mor JukeboxPackard Manhattan Jukebox1946 Rudolph Wurlitzer Jukebox

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