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“Bahá’u’lláh — the ‘Glory of God’ — is the Promised One foretold by the Báb and all of the Divine Messengers of the past,” states the Bahá'í International Community’s website. “Bahá’u’lláh delivered a new Revelation from God to humanity. Thousands of verses, letters and books flowed from His pen. In His Writings, He outlined a framework for the development of a global civilization which takes into account both the spiritual and material dimensions of human life. For this, He endured 40 years of imprisonment, torture and exile.” He was born in 1817 and ascended in 1892.

This group will feature some of Bahá’u’lláh's writings. Because I have multiple photos for some excerpts, there will be separate galleries for those under distinct headings.
A Pure HeartA Single DropArabic Hidden WordsAscension of Bahá’u’lláhBackbiting: Grievous ErrorBirth of Bahá'u'lláhBlessed Is The Spot PrayerDewdrop Of Crystal WatersEarth Is But One CountryFindeth A DropImmerse Yourselves In This OceanPersian Hidden WordsRuinous Wars