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Comstock Fire Museum photographed by Glenn Franco Simmons.

Comstock Fire Museum

The Comstock Fire Museum is located at 125 South C St. in Virginia City, Nev.

Admission is free, donations are appreciated. The museum is open daily, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., May-October. It is open weekends and as weather and attendant availability are variable.

In the off-season, the museum is closed for annual maintenance. However, off-season tours are available. The museum said “it may be possible to accommodate groups of 10-20 visitors for a guided tour. Please make your plans well in advance by calling: (775) 813-6911.”

“The fire museum gift shop offers a unique selection of fire-related gifts, souvenirs and books for the entire family at reasonable prices including ‘Jump her Lively, Boys! An Introduction to the Fire Department History of the Comstock Lode,’” according to the museum’s website.