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Benicia, Old State Capitol

Benicia, Old State Capitol

The Old State Capitol was erected in 1852, although it was originally intended for Benicia's city hall. The town offered it as the state capitol and the state promptly accepted the offer. It served as the capitol from Feb. 4, 1853 to Feb. 25, 1854. It is included among the four "Capitol on Wheels," which switched cities. It is a California Registered Landmark (153).

(This photo was taken when I was making the transition from SLR to DSLR. As a result, the consumer-grade camera I was using had its limitations, as well as the lenses. It is offered here just as point of interest and does not reflect my current level of skill. That said, it is suitable for a small- to medium-sized print or card, both of which can be ordered on this site.)