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My choice of the nine-pointed star was an artistic choice, as I prefer it artistically over the five-pointed star. Wikipedia features a page on Bahá'í symbols.

"According to the Abjad system of Isopsephy, the word Bahá' has a numerical equivalence of 9, and thus there is frequent use of the number 9 in Bahá'í symbols," according to Wikipedia. "The most commonly used symbol connected to the number 9 is the nine-pointed star; there is no particular design of the nine-pointed star that is used more often than others. While the star is not a part of the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith, it is commonly used as an emblem representing '9', because of the association of number 9 with perfection, unity and Bahá’. The number 9 also comes up several times in Bahá'í history and teachings. On the significance of the number 9, Shoghi Effendi wrote:

"'Concerning the number nine: the Bahá'ís reverence this for two reasons, first because it is considered by those interested in numbers as the sign of perfection. The second consideration, which is the more important one, is that it is the numerical value of the word Bahá’. ... Besides these two significances the number nine has no other meaning. It is, however, enough to make the Bahá'ís use it when an arbitrary number is to be chosen.'

"Its use on gravestone markers was approved by Shoghi Effendi, then head of the religion, in 1944."
9-pointed Star9-pointed Star9-pointed Star9-pointed Star9-sided Flower Temple9-pointed Star

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