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This 1938 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow sold for $10,000 when new in that era's monetary valuation.

This beauty boasts a V-12, L-head engine with hydraulic valves. At 3400 rpm, it could generate 175 hp. The coachbuilder was Studebaker of South Bend, Ind., while Buffalo, N.Y.-based Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Co. built the car.

This car was photographed at Danville, Calif.-based Blackhawk Automotive Museum in 2010. Only three Silver Arrows are known to exist.

"The Pierce Silver Arrow was an immediate hit when it was introduced at the 1933 Automobile Show and later at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair," according to a display provided by Blackhawk. "The streamlined design was created by Phillip Wright.

"Five V-12 limousine chassis were shipped from Buffalo to Pierce-Arrow's parent company, Studebaker Corp. No wooden parts were used in the construction of the car and the broad roof panel was hammered from a single sheet of steel, and all of the body panels were welded together.

"To minimize wind resistance, the headlight moldings sweep back over the doors and the V-shaped inclined grille theme is repeated in the windshield and repeated in reverse in the tiny rear window. Fully skirted rear fenders reduce drag, spare tires are concealed in hinged panels behind the front wheels, and the doors handles are recessed."

Pierce-Arrow was one of the United States' most grand auto manufacturer, but it only lasted until 1938. Many of the company's innovations became standard styling features by 1940.
Blackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive Museum

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