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This 1958 S1 Continental Park Ward Coupe is a superbly preserved Bentley.

"{It} is one of only 33 produced that were left-hand drive," according to Blackhawk Automobile Museum, where this photo was taken several years ago.

"{It} was delivered new in 1958 to R. Montgomery who had it registered with Swiss number plates.

"The Continental was designed to be a high-speed tourer, and that it was.

"The beautiful lines and reliable engine of the S1 has made it one of the most sought after post-war Bentleys.

"The power and proven 4.9 liter inline six-cylinder engine, producing 178bhp, could propel the Continental to an amazing 120mph.

"Couple with an all new 4-speed automatic transmission, Bentley proved comfort, reliability and beauty were {a} new winning combination.

"With all aluminum coachwork, these cars have resisted decay much better than the steel standard saloons.
"Being the most-expensive Bentley model made at the time, the care and maintenance of these cars by their owners has kept the condition of the cars better than lesser models."

The body/coachbuilder was Mulliner Park Ward of London, England. It was manufactured
by Bentley Motors Ltd. of Crewe, England.
Blackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive MuseumBlackhawk Automotive Museum

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