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The Ramsey pumper was known as "The Griffin." This model was photographed at the Benicia Fire Museum in California.

"'Griffin' is a mythical animal typically having a head, forepart and wings like those of an eagle and the body, hind legs and tail like those of a lion and the beak of a dragon," according to the museum.

The town of Okawville, Illinois, purchased it on July 25, 1884 for $585. In 1985, it was purchased by the then-Exxon Fire Brigade. Today, it is owned by the Valero Refinery, according to the museum.

"Restoration was started and completed after 23 months of hard work by the brigade members," states the museum. "The Griffin was officially dedicated as Benicia Refineries #1 Pumper on April 26, 1985."

It is often featured in local parades.
Benicia Fire MuseumBenicia Fire MuseumBenicia Fire MuseumBenicia Fire Museum

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